The New York Delta Alumni Board of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity


Virtue. Diligence. Brotherly Love.


The Alumni and Volunteer Corporation

The New York Delta Alumni and Volunteer Corporation (AVC) is a governing alumni body consisting of New York Delta alumni. Our goal is to provide the active undergraduate chapter with long-term planning and improvement while providing a stable and secure future.

As owners of the chapter facilities, the Alumni and Volunteer Corporation also functions as the landlord for the properties, working with the active chapter in coordinating repairs and chapter facility improvements.
In addition to discussing these topics at its monthly meetings, the Alumni Board also oversees the chapter's alumni relations, including the publishing of New York Delta's alumni newsletter, The Fusil Oil.

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AVC Directors


The nine AVC Directors serve 3 year terms and are elected (3 per year) by the entire NY Delta alumni body at the Annual Meeting held in conjunction with RPI's Reunion and Homecoming in October.




Dave Tomkins

Class: 1992
Major: Mechanical Engineering
☏ (773) 454-8469 (m)

Dave has served on the AVC since 2005 and has held the position of President for the last 2 years.  Dave has a passion for the chapter and is dedicated to providing guidance to allow other young men to experience all that New York Delta has to offer.  He works for Verizon as a project manager in their enterprise solutions organization.  He lives in Herndon, VA (Washington DC area) with his wife Leslie and enjoy sports in his free time.  He is an avid golfer and continues working on bringing that handicap down.



vice president

Steve Fallick

Class: 1968
Major: Engineering Management


Steve served on the AVC from 1974 to 1982, including serving as President from 1980 through 1982. He returned to the board in 2011 after moving to Greenwich, NY. As a local volunteer, Steve is able to regularly visit the chapter house to mentor the undergraduates. He provides a semesterly resume critique workshop to help his brothers prepare for the RPI career fair. Steve currently works as an executive search consultant at Manning Search Group, LLC.




Brian Michalka

Class: 2016
Major: Materials Engineering
☏ (203) 300-4811 (m)


Brian joined the board in 2016 immediately after graduation. As an undergraduate, Brian was a two-term Chapter President. He also served as Balanced Man Scholarship Chairman and House Manager for several years. He currently lives in Columbus, OH where he works as a Materials Engineer for Honda of America, Mfg. Brian also volunteers with SigEp's OH Epsilon Chapter at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, OH as their Balanced Man Steward.





Sean McGuigan

Class: 1995
Major: Environmental Engineering
☏ (978)273-2694 (m)

Sean has served on the AVC since 2008 and is currently in the role of Secretary.  He works for Amec Foster Wheeler as an environmental regulatory compliance specialist.  Sean's work has taken him across the country where's he's been able to visit many national parks and major and minor league baseball stadiums.  Sean lives in Chelmsford, MA with his wife Kimberly, daughter Lea, and son Ethan and also volunteers for Ethan's Cub Scout Pack.



Alumni Relations director

Don Burgio

Class: 1989
Major: Electrical Engineering
Other Degrees: MS Security Engineering, Southern Methodist University
                         MBA, Southern Methodist University

Don has over 25 years of experience in systems engineering, communications networking, information technology, and cybersecurity.  He is currently pursuing a PhD (part-time while working) with research in improving information security through artificial intelligence/machine learning. 
As an undergraduate, he served New York Delta as Comptroller (now aka VP Finance) and Chapter President.  He has been a volunteer on the NY Delta AVC for the past 20 years with a focus on alumni relations and was a lead organizer for NY Delta’s 50th (as an undergrad) and 75th anniversary celebrations.   He also set up NY Delta’s 501(c)(3) chapter scholarship fund in 1998.  In 2015, he received the Rensselaer Alumni Association (RAA) Director’s Award.  He lives in Dallas, Texas  where he tries to bring order to the NY Delta Dallas Alumni Chapter (along with several alums sharing Dallas Stars season tickets) and enjoys running and playing ice hockey (yes, they have ice rinks in Dallas), the later a sport he first learned as a member of NY Delta's legendary Inepts Intramural D-league hockey team (one of several hockey teams in the house at the time). 
While he typically spends more than 100 days a year on the road, any alumni visitors to the Dallas area are encouraged to reach out to him.



facilities director

Alex Lin

Class: 2015
Major: Civil Engineering

Alex has been serving on the AVC as the Facilities Director since 2015. He resides in Troy, NY and works as a Transportation Engineer at Stantec, Inc. Alex continues to give to the chapter by also helping advise the undergraduate leadership.


oltman_headshot (1).png


Randy Oltman

Class: 1994
Major: B. S. Electrical Engineering
Other Degrees: MS Electrical Engineering, Rutgers ‘99
MBA Finance, Rutgers ‘08

Randy joined the AVC board in 2018.




Dennis Scurletis

Class: 1979
Major: BS Mechanical Engineering
Other Degrees: MBA University of Pennsylvania, Wharton '85

Dennis Scurletis has spent the last 30 plus years working in investment banking and investment management since graduate school.  Dennis joined the board in 2011 and has been primarily focused on the financial aspects of the fraternity and the work on a pending capital campaign. Along with serving on the AVC, Dennis is a member of the board of directors of National Capital Bank, "Washington's Oldest Bank," and recently joined the Leadership Council of the Lally School of Management and Technology at RPI.




Eddie Chin

Class: 1994
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Brother Eddie Chin, from the class of 1994, is a 20-plus year veteran of the Alumni Corporation and has served in various volunteer capacities since 1995.
As an undergraduate, Eddie was one of the few undergraduates who served multiple terms on NY Delta’s Executive Committee, both times as Vice President. Eddie also served on Rensselaer’s Interfraternity Council as VP Recruitment and as President. During Eddie’s term as VP Recruitment, Greek membership rose by 20%, reversing a downward trend in recruitment campus-wide.
As a alum, Eddie has volunteered in capacities such as Chapter Counselor, Vice President, Director, and Balanced Man Steward, including over a dozen years as President. During his years as a volunteer, Eddie has led and mentored the chapter through both lean and prosperous times. He has consistently focused on risk management, earning the chapter recognition in risk management. Eddie also started one of SigEp’s first online properties, earning the NY Delta Alumni Corp 5 consecutive awards in recognition of its web presence.
Eddie helped pioneer the concept of Bursar Billing at Rensselaer, allowing NY Delta to funnel its rent and dues collections through Rensselaer and drastically reducing delinquent accounts to near zero. Eddie also ushered in year-round recruitment to the chapter and implemented the first Balanced Man Scholarship award banquet. Eddie also established NY Delta as the first Greek organization partnering with Rensselaer for its now-standard Fall Homecoming. Most recently, Eddie helped update the chapter’s member development policy through adoption of continuous development, leading up to full adoption of the Balanced Man Program. He was appointed the chapter’s first Balanced Man Steward by SigEp Headquarters.
Eddie has also been a long-term volunteer on Rensselaer’s Alumni InterGreek Council, serving on its Board of Directors for nearly a decade. For his service both with the Alumni InterGreek Council and NY Delta, Eddie received the Rensselaer Alumni Key Award in 2013.
Eddie is currently serving a term as Director on the Alumni Corporation. His advice continues to benefit the Alumni Corporation, the chapter, and its members at both the organization and personal levels.
Eddie currently lives in New York City with his wife, Joyce.




Justin Zeth

Class: 2014
Major: Mathematics

Justin Zeth has been volunteering as an alumnus since 2016, advising the fraternity on financial matters including chapter facility planning and a pending capital campaign.  For all four years an undergraduate, Justin worked closely with the AVC in his roles as VP of Finance, RLC Chairman, Historian, and Alumni Relations Chairman.  In his undergraduate role of VP of Finance, Justin worked on securing the bridge loan needed to pay off the fraternity's property tax debt and sustain its operations.  While an undergraduate, Justin also was awarded the Balanced Man Scholarship and the Outstanding Man Scholarship.  Justin currently resides in New York City and is an analyst at Axel Capital Management.



director emeritus

Ken Fichtel

Class: 1958
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Other Degrees: M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Union College

Ken served the AVC as its President for 10 years. Ken has spent his professional career as an Officer in the US Navy and at various position at General Electric, including working as a principal engineer.