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Alumni Defeat Actives in Annual Hockey Game

The annual Alumni vs. Active Hockey game was held on Saturday, March 3rd at the RPI Houston Fieldhouse with the the Alumni prevailing in a close game with a score of 5 to 4. Check out some photos from the game a read about the event below:

The Alumni team consisted of:
Roger Groskopf ’84
Don Burgio ’89
Will Hallam ‘91
Shawn Daly ’01
Jeff Liebowitz ’14
Joe Livote ’14
Alex Lin ‘15
Zach Hurley ‘15
and Greg Desmond ’14 in the pipes.

The Active team consisted of undergraduates:
Paul Ilori ’18
Matthew Carlson Jr. ‘19
Chris Holler ‘19
Andy Chafy ‘21
Stuart Irwin ’21
and Casey Manifold ’20 between the pipes along with loaned alumni:
Dan Keefe ’01 and son
Ben Hurley ‘15
Christopher DiNicola ’16
Andrew Groskopf ’16
Tom Cronin '16

Adam Lebrun ’17, who had a hat trick for the actives in the 2015 game, served as referee. 

Speaking of hat tricks, the Actives unveiled their newest secret weapon, freshman sniper Stuart Irwin ’21, who scored a hat trick for the active team. Dan Keefe ’01 provided the fourth goal for the active team. The Alumni persevered in a tight game thanks to 2 goals from blue liner Will Hallam ’91. Zach Hurley ’15 also scored a goal off a face-off win from Don Burgio ’89 back to Zach on the left point who buried the puck with a one-timer.  Dom Prudente ’19 manned the scoreboard.


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